About Our Healing Services

VEGA CHRISTINE (Intuitive Consultant) - "I received a one-on-one Divine Soul Healing Blessings session with Marisol in order to heal and release an old pattern around my love relationships. During the session, Marisol called in ancestor energy to assist with the healing. She had me visualize the old pattern I wanted to release, and we blessed it and released it with love. Then she had me visualize the new love energy I was calling forth, and had me focus on it, right in front of me. That was the first time I was ever able to connect with a new love energy. Marisol helped me to grow the energy stronger during the session. She reminded me that it was a practice to keep and grow my connection to the new love energy. She even created a mantra for me to use during my own meditations moving forward. Since my session with Marisol, my heart has been more open to all kinds of new love. I felt a definite shift within me, and I look forward to more powerful healings with her!"


KENDALL LYF (Producer/DJ) - "I have been on many journeys in my lifetime. I have come out of my last traumatic tunnel with the help of Marisol. I was not at my healthiest state and I lost sight of my path due to over partying and misguided health choices. Now my life is filled with more energy and inspiration to move forward in my arts. I'm standing tall again as a giving man of integrity and the light warrior I now know I am today."


SOLI (Occupational Therapist) - "Marisol's Divine Soul Healing Blessings at Revelation 2015 was a magical experience. A peaceful energy filled the room while Marisol guided us to connect with mind, body and soul through movement and activation of our Chakras. She blessed all beings in the room with her beautiful healing hands emanating divine energy. To see Marisol stand strong in her power and share her God given gifts inspired my heart and soul."


ERNA HOHERTZ (Creative Entrepreneur) - "Marisol's strong spiritual presence melted my own shell and unravel blockages that was inside of me. I didn't think that I needed a healing, but I am now so grateful that she has given me her spiritual guidance. She taught me new vocabularies for my daily life to keep positive outlook on life and be more open to many more blessings to reach my infinite potentials. Since the healing session and with Marisol's guidance, I have practiced daily to project my positive vibrations, which have brought me many good opportunities in my career, and improved my relationships with others."


JEFF GRANT (Hair Stylist) - "I'm neither a believer nor a skeptic by nature. Rather, I'm a pragmatist. I went into my session with an open mind and a somewhat "blocked" spirit. In the brief time we spent together that afternoon, she managed to release whatever had been "blocked" and, somehow, reset my natural spiritual energy. What had been troubling me seemed to leave my body like black smoke just dissipating out of me. My mind crystallized into a perspective of gratitude and vibrancy. Afterward, I felt lighter inside and free of worry in a way that reminded me of childhood. I could never have anticipated the subtle and profound shift she created for me. She definitely convinced this pragmatist of her ability and the magnitude of her gift."


ERNI WANG (Senior Project Manager) - "During the Divine Soul Healing Session, Marisol helped me uncover the root of my unhappiness, resentment, and negativity toward situations or people whom I care about in my life.  She brought to light how to be more grateful and patient by seeing things in a more positive perspective.  She taught me how to empower myself daily.  The change I am undergoing will certainly benefit my family and people close to me."


About Earth's Marinade

MICHELLE CALVA-DESPARD (Full Time Mom) - "I LOVE this marinade. I outed it over chicken, baked at 350 for just over an hour and...wah-lah! Looks great on the plate and was yummy in our tummies. Three kids, one husband all agreed: thumbs up!"


MARIA ARIAS (Teacher) - "Here is a picture of a delicious plate of chicken, mashed cauliflower and sautéed shredded vegetables. I used Earth's Marinade as a great healthy alternative to butter. It is simple to use and delicious! My vegetables were flavorful and they smelled heavenly!"


HENNY VALLEE (Social Media Expert) - "I'm a busy mom of four little ones and I'm always looking for quick, easy recipes to prepare dinner for the family. So when I received the gift of the Earth's Marinade and learned of all the benefits from the ingredients, I was excited to give it a try. One of my favorite ways of using it is adding it to my store bought pasta sauce to give the flavor more depth. The kids like alfredo sauce on their pasta, but when I added the Earth's marinade, they just can't get enough of it! Even my 2-year-old who does not like to eat dinner asks for more every single time I make this dish. I'm a fan!" 


IFEN LEE (Art Director) - "I used Earth's Marinade for many dishes, from chicken pasta to grilled fish. This marinade not only adds flavor but is also healthy and a great immune booster. I used it in my chicken soup to recover from a cold a couple of times, and it made me feel better instantly. It's a must-have pantry item for my home."


MARGARET SHOEMAKER (Educator) - "Yummy!! I used it as a sauce for pasta, dip for chips, and ate it straight from the jar.

My kids love it!"


TARA HERNANDEZ (Non-profit Consultant) - "The Earth's Marinade was delicious on lean meat burger. Everyone loved it. It was delicious yet light. I could see myself using it to flavor many types of dishes."


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