Our Healing Services

Live up to your life’s purpose enveloped in the Divine Light and protected from negative energy and low vibrations that could dim your frequency and distract you from achieving your full potential. We offer one-on-one virtual blessings (via skype) from the comfort of your home. Healing power, ancient wisdom and sacred techniques will be shared during session to preserve healing. Baby Blessings are available for in-person or in-home sessions. Please contact us at marisol@diosafitness.com to make this special appointment (extra fees will apply).

Available in 4 different session packages:
1 session x 45 minutes - via Skype
3 sessions x 45 minutes (2 hours 15 minutes total) - via Skype
1 session x 60 minutes - In Person
3 sessions x60 minutes (3 hours) - In Person

Upon service purchase, we will send you an email to schedule your session within 24 hours.

Divine Protection Blessings

Session Package
  • You can choose to have your session at our studio in Los Angeles, or we can come out to your location as long as it’s within 25 miles radius from our studio.

  • All purchased sessions must be used within 3 months after purchase date.

We are located in Los Angeles,  Please make your appointment to visit. Email us mayanqueen8@gmail.com  

Modern Divine Healer and Channel

Bilingual : English + Spanish

We do public speaking

Tel: 323-387-2486

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