Earth's Marinade

Created by Divine Healer and Chef Marisol

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MARIA ARIAS - "Earth's Marinade is simple to use and delicious! My vegetables were flavorful and they smelled heavenly!"


IFEN LEE - "This marinade not only adds flavor but is also healthy and a great immune booster. It's a must-have pantry item for my home."


MICHELLE CALVA-DESPARD - "I LOVE this marinade. Looks great on the plate and was yummy  in our tummies. Three kids, one husband all agreed.

Thumbs up!"

Story about Our Earth's Marinade

Earth’s Marinade is a family recipe, cultivated and perfected with love. This blend of nature’s 7 powerful ingredients was passed down to me from my late husband and mentor.

I created the Earth’s Marinade and developed recipes, scaling method and techniques to help you reach your fitness and health goals through healthy eating, movement and purposeful goal setting. 


Health Benefits of Ingredients used in

Earth's Marinade 


ONIONS - Support immunity, lower the risk of ...


GARLIC - Garlic is known for its antibacterial, ...


MANZANILLA OLIVES - Also known as Spanish...


LIME JUICE - This citrus fruit contains high levels...


EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL - Olive oil has been...


OREGANO - Oregano is a wonderful herb for its...


SEA SALT - Sea salt is a healthier alternative to...

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