Earth's Marinade Recipes

Dip Platter

A healthy dip platter is great way to bless your next dinner party or to share at the next potluck gathering with your friends and family. 



Serve 4-6 ounces of Earth’s Marinade in a ramekin or bowl and place in the center of your platter. Place unused marinade jar back in the refrigerator. Replenish as you go. 


Serving suggestions: 


Raw Vegetables 

Carrots (cut into sticks)

Celery (cut into sticks)

Cherry Tomatoes 

Chinese Broccoli (use stalks only and cut in half) 

Cucumber (cut into sticks, keep skin on for added health benefit)


Organic Chips

Blue corn 

Black bean quinoa

Yellow corn


Other alternatives

Toasted french bread slices

Yucca bread sticks

Whole grain pretzels

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